Pet booking on a deposit basis, no verbal bookings are accepted, and all cats  will be deliver to your doorstep throughout Malaysia.

Step 1

Contact us, provide your budget and requirements

Step 2

Once confirm, a 50% deposit will be collected to book the cat; it will not be displayed or resold to others; we will also take photos and videos to show you during the period; the deposit is not refundable for reasons other than the cattery

Step 3

Made the final payment and  arrange the import clearance for the cats. 

Step 4

Once import clearance complete, cat will be delivery to your doorstep within 5 days

We specialized design the extra welfare package for every customer who purchased from us ! 

  • Bloodline Certificate

  • Pet Passport

  • Include Examination of Infection Disease

  • Distemper Virus Test (CDV)

  • Parvovirus Test (CPV)

  • Coronavirus Test (CCV)

  • Adenovirus Test (CAV2)

  • Influenza Test (CIV)

  • Spa Grooming Service

  • Degreasing Service

  • Medical Bath

  • External De-Flea

  • Internal deworming

  • After-Sales Service

  • Rehome Food Package

  • Canned Food

  • Pet Supplement 

  • Pet Fur Comb

  • Pet Nail Cutter

  • Elizabeth Collar

  • Pet Sanitizer Spray

  • Pet Ear & Eye Cleaner

  • Emergency Medicine Set